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Broken Prince by Jen Wylie

Broken Prince by Jen Wylie

Broken Prince is the second book in The Broken Ones Series by Jen Wylie. I felt I needed to read book one, Broken Aro, before I could give an thorough review, and I am sure glad I did. Without the first book of the series I would have found myself frequently scratching my head.

I love to read a book series one right after the other as I am impatient while waiting for the next book to be released in a series that I love. Broken Prince proved to be no exception, but once again, it ended too soon.

Broken Prince is full of great action and adventure as Arowyn and the survivors travel from each new encounter to the next. Their quest to get Prince back to his homeland takes this group from brushes with new magical creatures and from good to evil, but each engagement adds to the depth and development of this story.

Jen Wylie is a n incredibly talented writer and Broken Prince is a pearl of a novel! I don’t wish to provide any spoilers, but Broken Prince will have you running a broad spectrum of emotions, including impatience for more!

Bravo Jen Wylie! Broken Prince is bound to be a New Adult and Fantasy bestseller.

~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ June 25, 2013

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My Highland Lord by Tarah Scott

My Highland Lord by Tarah Scott

Not having read MY HIGHLAND LOVE of the Highland Lord Series, I decided to read it before embarking on my review of MY HIGHLAND LORD and I was very glad I did.

Tarah Scott is a true wordsmith! Her writing is descriptive and her characters are full of depth, very real and quite amusing! The stories are very well thought out and have a great feel of the times. I was able to lose myself completely in the lords and ladies, the soirees, the pomp and circumstance, and most importantly, the rules of the times.

A case of mistaken identity leads Kiernan to save Phoebe from highwaymen and subsequently kidnap her himself. As Phoebe attempts to gain her freedom she thinks herself to be one step ahead, but finds herself ultimately one step behind Kiernan. They travel, meeting interesting characters along the way that add to the reality of the times. From the very beginning the sparks begin to fly. The story is fraught with intrigue, adventure and ultimately, true love.

I can’t wait for the next book in the Highland Lord Series by Tarah Scott.

~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ June 19, 2013

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Descent by Cameo Ranae

Descent by Cameo Renae

Descent, a prequel to the Hidden Wings Series is the perfect journey back to the beginning! It’s a captivating look into the creation of the Hidden Wings Series.

Descent connects the dots between Angels, the Fallen and a deep cast of characters. It explains the love that should never have been. It brings us through the story of how Alaine and Samuel found each other and what ripped them apart. I loved, I cried and I hated along with them all. I’m emotionally invested and can’t wait for more! Cameo Renae does it again by explaining everything so perfectly!

~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ June 10, 2013

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