Broken Prince by Jen Wylie

Broken Prince by Jen Wylie

Broken Prince is the second book in The Broken Ones Series by Jen Wylie. I felt I needed to read book one, Broken Aro, before I could give an thorough review, and I am sure glad I did. Without the first book of the series I would have found myself frequently scratching my head.

I love to read a book series one right after the other as I am impatient while waiting for the next book to be released in a series that I love. Broken Prince proved to be no exception, but once again, it ended too soon.

Broken Prince is full of great action and adventure as Arowyn and the survivors travel from each new encounter to the next. Their quest to get Prince back to his homeland takes this group from brushes with new magical creatures and from good to evil, but each engagement adds to the depth and development of this story.

Jen Wylie is a n incredibly talented writer and Broken Prince is a pearl of a novel! I don’t wish to provide any spoilers, but Broken Prince will have you running a broad spectrum of emotions, including impatience for more!

Bravo Jen Wylie! Broken Prince is bound to be a New Adult and Fantasy bestseller.

~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ June 25, 2013

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