Dance With the Enemy by Linda Boulanger

Dance With the Enemy by Linda Boulanger

From the very first words I found myself lost in the story of Dance With the Enemy. For me it is an “Oh my goodness” book. I haven’t read romance novels in a number of years because they had become so “ho hum” in plot. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, something happens, and so on and so on. You know how they go. Dance With the Enemy by Linda Boulanger is anything but “ho hum”!

The idea of sailing off to meet the man you were “marked” to be with is such a romantic notion. There is one person on the earth to whom you belong, you share their blood, you will meet him and be immediately taken with him…it is every fairy tale ever written. But not in Dance With the Enemy. I won’t spoil the story for you, you really must read it for yourself!

Tahruk is a strong, powerful warrior, capable and respected in his community. Elenya is a beautiful and proud woman, filled with courage and new ideas, the hope of her people. The sparks fly from the moment the marking takes over. He chases, she runs. He softens, she balks. Their love is challenging from the very beginning. Their entire traditional way of life will come into question.

This is a novel to read, then read again as you all in love with the characters Linda Boulanger has created. Watch for the twists and turns and enjoy this beautifully written book. I am so excited by the coming of a second novel in this series later this year. Thank you, Linda, for taking the time to share your gift of the written word!

~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ July 15, 2013

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